9 Creative Ways to Save Money

9 Creative Ways to Save Money

The Coronavirus has really made us all slow down. Unfortunately, many of our paychecks have also taken a slower pace. Here are a few simple ways to save money during the coronavirus crisis. Some of these ideas will help you keep saving once stores have opened again and we are beyond the pandemic


The first of ways to save money can be found in Local newspapers and online websites that have coupons you can take advantage of. Coupons may seem outdated but they are still out there and still save you money! You can also use apps such as Ibotta to get money back on your groceries. Additionally, each store has their own rewards system. Find out your local shop’s savings program and take advantage of the free ones.

Make meals at home

It is far cheaper to eat at home than to eat out. Plus, you can have leftovers that stretch your dollar even farther!

Try out your local hair school or dental school for their services

It may take longer to get your hair done or your teeth cleaned, but it is so cheap it’s worth it! The students are supervised every step of the way so they can’t make any big mistakes.

Sell your clothes at a second-hand store

Another one of the ways to save money can come from some second-hand clothing stores which will actually buy your old clothes from you. Get some spring cleaning is done and some extra cash in your pocket.
Example: Uptown Cheapskate, Plato’s Closet

Ask companies about deals for locals or seniors

Many companies have deals for seniors starting as early as age 55! Even if you don’t consider yourself a senior, a deal is a deal! Businesses also have discounts for locals, especially if you live in a tourist-heavy town. They often do not advertise these deals but if you ask they are happy to oblige.

Use cash only

If you are paying in cash it’s easier to stay within your budget. When it runs out, it runs out! Only pull out enough cash for what you need and stick to it.

Don’t purchase on credit

Do all you can to avoid using your credit cards. Credit means spending money you might not have. This can quickly spiral into spending more than you have, which is the opposite of saving!

Get creative in your entertainment

• Skip the movies and make your movies at home extra special by doing a backyard movie projection.
• Check out your local parks.
• If you have an outdated gaming console, you can pick up some old games at Gamestop. They are usually around $5 each!

Don’t spend more than you make

It may be the oldest trick in the book, but it’s the number one sure-fire way to build up your bank account.


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